A long the year we offer clases and workshops like Permaculture PDC Workshops and Biodinamic farming tecnics. See Workshops area for more information.





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THAI YOGA MASSAGE with Joan                           

Joan is a thai yoga massage practitioner. He is giving regular
sunday workshops in TerraSoul. The 3hour session starts with
Tai Chi to connect the body with the soul - a process of learning
between the participants...
Thai yoga massage was born in India in the time of Buddha,
2.500 years ago. When the Buddhists moved to Thailand, it was practiced in the monasteries by the monks. This can still be seen depicted in old stone sculptures. In the 1970ies the practice was revived in the West. Joan learned Thai Massage some years ago in Auroville from Itzhak and visited workshops with Thai masters in Thailand. Joan also gives Thai massage twice a week in Pitanga.





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MARTIAL ARTS with Martin                                                        

Martin (...)

Pencak silac: Traditional Indonesian martial art.

Self defense: Synthesis of diferent martial arts.













Occasionally, Jorge gives evening dance classes of Argentine
Tango. The practice allows participants to learn more about
themselves and understand how we relate to others through
movement - it is meditation in motion. As soon as we were able to build an adequate space, there will be regular workshops and dance classes.



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Sit down and relax – a contemplative Chinese tea ceremony
offers a good contrast to the busy farm work. Jorge is the
master of ceremony, he learned this while he lived some years
in China. Every so often, he offers this peaceful experience in



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